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By NJYS, 09/09/20, 4:45PM EDT


On 9/9/2020 NJYS emailed its member clubs the following updates to its Return to Play FAQs. The full FAQ document can be accessed here. The NJYS Return to Play resource page can be accessed here.



NJYS Member Clubs,

NJ Youth Soccer recently updated its Return to Play FAQs, which are posted on the member resources page (private and not publicly linked) and the NJYS website (public facing). To facilitate this communication and understanding, please note the updates below, which is not to discourage a more detailed review of the FAQs. This will also be briefly reviewed on the September 23rd Club Webinar at 12 noon (click here to register). Thank you.

What insurance coverage is provided?

NJYS membership (includes clubs, coaches, and players) are provided General Liability and Excess Accident Medical coverage while conducting sanctioned and approved NJYS activities (e.g. practices, training, scrimmages, clinics, tryouts, games, and tournaments). Effective September 1, 2020, the current NJYS policy has an exclusion for pandemics including COVID. The NJYS Excess Accident Medical policy does not provide coverage for sickness or disease unless the proximate cause of the illness emanated from a covered accidental injury.

What soccer activity is permitted indoors?

Per the NJ Department of Health, soccer can resume contact practices and competitions in outdoor settings only. Non-contact practices and drills can resume in both indoor and outdoor settings.

What advice is given about protective masks (coverings)?

From the NJ Department of Health, “Coaching staff and parents/guardians should wear cloth face coverings. Athletes should wear cloth or disposable face coverings when not engaging in vigorous activity, such as when sitting on the bench, when interacting with an athletic trainer, etc. Face coverings are not required when persons are engaged in high intensity aerobic or anaerobic activities. Face coverings should not be worn when engaged in activities that may cause the cloth face covering to become wet, like when swimming, or when doing so may endanger the individual’s health. When face coverings are not worn, efforts should be made to maintain at least 6 feet from others.”

What is the direction to member clubs regarding administering temperature checks for participants?

The NJ Department of Health “Guidance for Sports Activities” requires screening athletes, coaches, staff and others participating in practice sessions, via temperature check and health questionnaire, at the beginning of each session. Member clubs can task parents with monitoring and checking temperatures prior to sending children to any team event. Clubs may also establish protocol beyond that, including conducting temperature checks at the events (e.g. practices and games).

If a player has a temp/fever but hasn’t been confirmed for COVID, is there a protocol for return to play number of days before return and/or doctors note necessary?

Clubs should refer to local health department guidelines and consider requiring clearance from a health care provider in such situations.

Are there contact tracing requirements or recommendations for clubs?

NJYS recommends maintaining an attendance list for each training session. There are now several apps and software solutions to assist with this effort.

Can teams and players covered under NJYS participate in "out of state" events?

According to the CDC, traveling outside of the local community may increase exposure to COVID-19, or unknowingly spreading it to others. NJYSA cannot prevent any team from traveling outside of New Jersey to attend an event, but we are not encouraging teams to travel outside of New Jersey at this time. Should a team decide to travel out of state, then it is assuming the risk as it relates to any COVID-19 illnesses.